Business Activities & Conferences

The hotel is well-equipped with meeting and conference facilities which are multi-functional, an ideal venue for VIP receptions, conventions, business banquets, as well as wedding banquets. The Business Center, with its advanced equipment, will help make your business activities both highly effective and convenient.

Conference Consultation Tel: (86-25)83311999-3502/3512  Business Center Tel: (86-25)83311999-40

Capacity: 160 guests
Floor Area: 350 m2
Location:  2nd Floor
Equipment: stage lighting, over-head projector, microphones, sound mixer, broadband internet, TV, LED display, movable stage, recorder, video camera, tables & chairs, etc.
Capacity: 300 guests
Floor Area: 500 m2
Location: 3rd Floor
Equipment: LED display, simultaneous interpretation system, stage lighting, over-head projector, microphones, sound mixer, broadband internet, TV, movable stage, recorder, video camera, tables & chairs. This hall can be divided into two separate sections: the South Hall (2/3 of the area) and the North Hall (1/3 of the area).
Capacity: 20 guests
Location: 3rd Floor
Area(m2) Max Capacity Table Setting
Xuan Wu 65 20 Business Negotiations
Yu Hua 65 20 Business Negotiations
Mo Chou 55 30 Classroom, Rectangular, All-chairs, and U-shape settings available upon request.
Zhong Shan 55 30
Xi Jin 55 30
Jian Ye 28 10

This Business Center is very well-equipped with various business assisting facilities and is staffed with professional assistants to help you with various types of business activities. It provides high-speed internet access which will enhance your work efficiency.

Location: 20th Floor

Services: Typing and printing、Color printing、Photocopying、 Scanning、Document binding、Fax、Long-distance calls、Internet、Sale of stationery。

Commissioned services: Train & airplane ticket booking;Business cards printing;Photos printing;- Foreign language translation: including English, Japanese, Korean, French & Spanish, etc.