Food & Beverages, Catering

The Hotel owns various types of restaurants of different features. The fine food preparation by the chefs and meticulous services from the staff will create a noble and grand feast of gourmet cuisine.

Reservation Tel: (86-25)83311999—3502/3512

  • Feature: Buffet, Lobby Bar
    Location: 1st Floor Lobby
    Reservations: 025-83311999-3512、3502
    Open 24 hours daily. 'European & Asian Flavor Buffet' is available at breakfast, lunch, and dinner time. In the afternoon, fine drinks and snacks are provided to let you experience a most relaxing time.

Feature: Republic period cuisine
Location: 3rd Floor
This is an ideal venue to experience the past glories, and a cultural name-tag of the city of Nanjing. The dining halls are elegantly decorated and full of Republic period flair, together with culinary delicacies which are all very memorable. In the passing of history and extension of culture, you will be impressed with the long-lasting tastes of this period's culture as well as cuisine.
  • Caterpillar Fungus, Radish & Duck Soup in Cup

    Color of dates, unique presentation, rich taste and nutritional value – this dish is prepared with the Tibetan specialty 'Chinese caterpillar fungus' and local specialty 'Ma ducks'. The preparation takes over 6 hours, making the soup rich and very tasty.
  • 'Piao-er' Pigeon Eggs – Goldfish Dumplings

    This is one of the representative dishes of a traditional cooking school names 'Dizi' cuisine. The recipe includes fresh shrimps minced by hand, in addition to many other delicate preparation processes. With fine and elegant presentation and refreshing smell and taste, the dumplings are really adorable culinary delight.
  • 'Ding-song' Chrysanthemum Fish

    This dish originated from the renowned dish 'Squirrel Mandarin Fish' which was already a popular course during the Qianlong period. 'Maxiangxing' Restaurant master chef Mr. Ma, Ding-song transformed this delicacy into 'Chrysanthemum Fish' – a representative of the 'Flower Cuisine', receiving even more acclaim from gourmets and scholars alike. Mr. Fu, Bao-shi, a renowned Chinese ink painter, showed particular interest in this dish, calling it 'a painting on the eating table'.

Feature: Classic Cantonese & local cuisine
Location: 4th Floor
Adjacent to the hotel's roof-top garden of enchanting scenery, this restaurant presents new-school Cantonese cuisine by resident Cantonese master chefs. In the soothing surrounding filled with music, you will experience both relaxation and pleasure.
  • Marinated Salty Duck

    Signature dish of the Hotel! Ducks of about 2 kilograms are strictly selected and delicately marinated using old brine as well as preparation techniques passed down over generations. The duck is of white skin, pink meat and green bone, with fragrant odor and long-lasting taste. It is a must-have for each and every gourmet diner.
  • 'Dragon Palace' Premium Assorted Delicacies in Pot

    This is a symbol dish originated from Hong Kong cuisine and has gone through many changes and improvements. Various types of top-grade ingredients, including meat and fish, as well as nutritious rare mushrooms and herbal materials, are selected to accommodate to different tastes. It is prepared through simmering, together with abalone sauce made over 8 hours. Unique taste, rich nutritional value, and long-lasting retrospect are the characteristics of this famous dish.
  • Gold Medal Roast Pigeon

    This dish uses carefully selected right-age pigeons of 350 grams in weight. Using both traditional and innovative preparation methods divided into numerous steps and more than 20 types of home-recipe condiments for marinating, the end product is guaranteed for its tender and juicy in taste. Dark brown color, crispy skin, tender meat, fragrant bones, and lasting impressions are the features of this delicacy.

Feature: Japanese cuisine
Location: 4th Floor
This is the very first and most authentic Japanese restaurant which is presided over by famous Japanese chefs. With meticulous Japanese style service, comfortable and elegant Tatami private dining rooms, here you will enjoy the classic ambiance of Oriental elegance while at the same time witness the authentic and thorough presentation of Japanese cuisine.
  • Set Menu Cuisine

    This is the typically characteristic dining of this restaurant for holding banquets to entertain guests. Everything, such as color, smell, taste, shape and tableware, is carefully taken in consideration. It is widely known as the art of dining with eyes. Each and every one of the dishes reaches the diner quite naturally, meeting the eye with breathtaking beauty, catching the nose with refreshing fragrance, and touching the tongue with intoxicating taste. Pure and authentic!
  • Thin Slices of Fresh Fish with Dipping

    This is the most characteristic of the Japanese cooking, using non-polluted deep-ocean fish as raw material. The chefs cut the fish meat into pieces as thin as paper, making them practically transparent. With dipping such as lemon vinegar, their deliciousness is beyond imagination.
  • 'Sekyo' Roasted Codfish

    With secret-recipe traditional Japanese Miso sauce, the codfish is seasoned and then roasted in open fire, making it both bright in color and enticing in smell and taste. It is one of the most sought-after dishes of this restaurant.
  • Feature: Gourmet delicacies, local style
    Location: 24th Floor
    Reservations: 025-83311999-3512、3502
    These restaurants offer elegant and superior ambience with breathtaking views outside the windows of the ancient as well as thriving city of Nanjing. You will certainly enjoy the unique feeling of an imperial view with an imperial banquet.
  • Location: 2nd Floor
    The Hall has a floor area of 350 m2, with modern and luxurious décor. It can hold up to 18 tables of banquet, offering enticing food, meticulous service from wedding specialist, as well as three big LED screens which can present the most memorable and heart-warming pictures and scenes.
'Dynasty Spring' Grand Ballroom
  • Location: 3rd Floor
    This grand and luxurious pillar-less 500 m2 hall has a 7m×2.4m LED screen of panoramic views, holding up to 32 round tables. Meticulous services from our wedding specialists will help you hold a classic and romantic wedding banquet, providing unlimited possibilities for your wedding.