Leisure & Recreation

'The One & Only' Household Articles Store

Location: Lobby
Business hours: 7:30-22:00
The store's specialist will help you choose various types of household items to your liking, and we believe it will be a happy addition to your pleasant trip to be able to find something you like randomly.

Fitness & Recreation Center

Location: 4th Floor
Various types of high-end brand fitness apparatus, together with a garden swimming pool, automatic mahjong, pokers, etc. this venue is a pleasant place to visit for your health and leisure.

Roof-top Garden

Location: 4th Floor podium roof top
This is a garden full of traditional Oriental architectural flavors, a most relaxing place for you to take a stroll, sip a glass of tea, and watch the fish in the pond and the bright moon in the sky. Just behind a wall is a yard emitting rich exotic flair.